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Has the time come for your company to upgrade its inventory practices? Your company needs to keep pace with a customer base whose mobile business applications require quicker response times! Isn’t it time your inventory do away with manual processes predicated on trying to avoid data entry errors, errors that are commonplace when individuals must register inventory levels by entering keystrokes into a computer? More importantly, isn’t your company tired of relying upon manual processes such as inventory cards and having to pay warehouse employees for quarterly and year-end manual counting periods? If you’ve answered yes to each of these questions, then it’s time to upgrade your inventory and supply chain management practices. One of the best ways to improve inventory count accuracy is by bar-coding inventory and using bar code scanners that are durable, easy to maintain, have low maintenance costs and dramatically improve operational effectiveness.

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Can mobility data collection software help reduce the costs of your company’s data entry errors in inventory management? Well, in order to know for sure, your company would have to quantify the cost of errors resulting from your manual processes. Next, you would have to itemize those costs in order to better define their severity and frequency. Unfortunately, this exercise is both time-consuming and extremely difficult. However, even contemplating that you should track the severity of these errors is evidence enough that your company must adopt more progressive inventory management practices. After all, if you know there’s a problem, then there’s a problem! Mobility data collection software can link your entire enterprise mobility network into one succinct unit. This not only reduces data entry errors and their costs, but it will also increase the speed of your business and empower your company to better respond to an ever-changing market.

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Looking to do away with the high costs of manual inventory processes, but unsure of how to justify your company’s investment into enterprise mobility hardware? Perhaps you know your company’s field service technicians, warehouse employees and project team members could all benefit from rugged mobile computers, computers that will not only eliminate the errors of manual processes, but that are also made to deal with the toughest of environments. Perhaps you’re looking for some way to justify the investment without exceeding your company’s budget. If that’s the case, don’t despair! There is a way to justify the investment in rugged mobile computers without breaking the bank. You know hand held computers will not only improve efficiencies, but will also enable your company to substantially reduce costs, while upgrading your internal and external service levels. Now you just have to prove it. So, how can you justify the investment in rugged hand held computers? Continue reading “Rugged Mobile Computers: How do I Balance Company Needs With Our Budget?” »

Every successful project is measured by the team leader’s ability to complete the project on time and on budget. To be successful means one must manage multiple tasks, identify critical and non-critical paths within the project itself and always have a pulse on what’s needed, when it’s needed. This means to have insight into existing material requirements, future shipments of raw materials and parts and advance warning of inventory stock outs. It’s about having a window of opportunity and seizing on that opportunity to make the right business decisions. Regardless of whether you’re the project manager at the job site, the integrator managing multiple vendors or the value-added reseller trying to distinguish your product offering, if you work at remote locations, having the right enterprise mobility hardware is of paramount importance to success. Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility Hardware, The Value for VARS, Integrators and Project Managers” »

How does your company handle customer returns? Do you charge customers a restocking fee or merely accept the return at no charge? Perhaps you’ve been led to believe that charging a restocking fee will damage your customer relationships or that it will negatively impact future business. Maybe your concern lies with how your competitors will react to your company charging restocking fees when they don’t. Regardless of why, your company must charge a restocking fee. In fact, there are simply no excuses for not charging customers for returning product. This is especially true for those instances were the customer is merely returning product due to pricing or a mistake in ordering. Granted, defective product is one thing but functional product is another. So why should your company charge a restocking fee? To answer this question, consider the following points below. Continue reading “Restocking Fees, Should Your Company Charge Them?” »

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