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Intermec CN3e

Does your enterprise currently rely upon vendor managed inventory? Do you view your vendor relationships, and agreements, as pivotal to your supply chain and the long-term success of your enterprise? More importantly, have you come to rely upon vendor managed inventory agreements in order to reduce monthly carrying charges for your company? If you have answered yes to each of these aforementioned questions, then you understand full well how important it is to have access to immediate information about raw material, part and finished good availability. It is this access to vendor data that is of vital importance to ensuring that your agreements are properly managed. Upgrading to enterprise mobility hardware will make managing these agreements a much easier process. In essence, it will simplify how vendor data is transferred to your company and allow your procurement department to make better, more informed decisions.

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There are two cost drivers that often mean the difference between making a profit on a sale and incurring a loss. One pertains to the high costs to finance inventory, while the other pertains to the high costs to finance receivables. Every business would love to be able to lower both. One includes having high inventory turnover rates, and the other relies upon finding customers who pay on time, every time. Most companies understand that doing both is extremely difficult, if not next to impossible. Unfortunately, both of these costs are exacerbated when companies run manual processes, processes that are based on running inventory and accounting on excel spreadsheets. Imagine the damage that is incurred when companies run both of these business functions on separate spreadsheets. Imagine how difficult it is to reconcile inventory and accounting when neither of these methods is live and neither of are capable of “speaking” with one another. It is the perfect storm and easy to see how manual processes do nothing more than make these costs more severe. What is the solution for those enterprises that want to do away with these high costs?

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Can upgrading your inventory management practices with enterprise mobility solutions help improve your overall cost structure? Can this then make your business more competitive in your market? Absolutely! As a value-added reseller, your business is based on providing turnkey solutions to your customer base. This includes providing multiple solutions from a vast and robust product line. However, you do not merely provide a product solution, but also need to provide a value-added service offering. VARS distinguish themselves by their ability to provide a readymade plan within a competitive cost structure, and that involves controlling inventory costs for the company. Unfortunately, most VARS rely upon manual approaches to inventory management, ones predicated on managing inventory via excel spreadsheets. Upgrading your inventory management practices with enterprise mobility hardware and software solutions, will not only improve how you manage that inventory, but will ultimately reduce your costs and improve your bottom line.

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Manufacturers have certainly had a hard time of late. There is the continued threat posed by rising material and labor costs, as well as the going concern of overseas competitors, competitors who have the uncanny ability to continually lower pricing. It is not easy. Regardless of how your enterprise handles these obstacles, it is guaranteed that your margins will become smaller and smaller. However, as a manufacturer, you also know that your main weapon for improving these margins lies in your ability to continually lower manufacturing cycle times. Lower cycle times means increasing production throughput. Producing more with the same number of employees will not only improve your pricing, but it will ultimately lead to a better bottom line. However, in order to truly track how well your company is able to lower your cycle times, you need access to an enterprise mobility solution that tracks your production capacity in real-time. Gone are the days when manual timesheets and excel spreadsheets could be used to track production. If your enterprise truly wants to reduce its cycle times and increase its throughput, then you must incorporate an enterprise mobility software solution. So, what are some of the immediate benefits of making this move?
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