Tracking Cycle Time Fluctuations

Data Tracking

How often does your enterprise take the time to track the cycle times emerging from a given work cell? Are you even set up to track the fluctuations in these cycle times, or are your current manual processes making the entire exercise impossible? More importantly, how much better would your enterprise be if it were able to track cycle time fluctuations in real-time via an enterprise mobility network? In order to answer these questions, think of how important it is to isolate the root causes of down time. Think of the high costs of work stoppages and how these interruptions impact your production and ultimately, your company’s bottom line. Granted, analyzing cycle times and minimizing work stoppages is extremely difficult with manual tracking methods. However, it is a much easier endeavor when your company upgrades its production team to use rugged handheld mobile devices and barcode scanners. So, how can the right enterprise mobility solution empower your company to not only track fluctuations in cycle times, but ultimately eliminate the high costs associated with down time?

Cycle times and their value to production

Every manufacturer knows that there is a total production time for a finished good and separate times for each work operation. Reduce the times across all work tasks, and the company will increase its manufacturing throughput. However, it’s not merely about knowing what these cycle times are, but ultimately about knowing what they might become if the company makes some minor changes. Unfortunately, none of this is possible if the company lacks the necessary tools. Only by having access to real-time data can a manufacturer enact strategies to not only identify their benchmark cycle times, but to come as close to those cycle times as often as possible. So, is it really about perfection, or merely about the pursuit of perfection? Well, in reality, it’s ultimately about mitigating the impact of issues as quickly as possible. In this case, it’s the ability to respond in a timely manner that means the difference between success or failure.

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