Improving Your Forecasting Model

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One of the surest ways to improve your sales forecast accuracy is by having the right enterprise mobility solution. This is especially the case if your salespeople spend the majority of their time in the field. Not convinced that having a handheld computer will help with your sales team’s ability to properly forecast sales? If so, then perhaps it’s important to ask yourself how fast your salespeople are able to update their forecasts without having a handheld computer. More importantly, how accurate can these forecasts possibly be when your salespeople are constantly moving from one customer meeting to the next? If you’re not convinced, then perhaps it’s best to review the steps involved in retaining and transferring this information to the head office.

First, your salespeople have to immediately write this information down, that is of course, if they remember. Second, they have to wait until they have the time to call the office. The longer that takes, the less accurate the information. This is extremely difficult given the time constraints that salespeople must work with in today’s economy. Third, most salespeople visit multiple customers daily, making it that much more difficult to properly retain this information. Finally, some are only able to update their forecasts when they get to the hotel, and that typically coincides with the end of a long, drawn-out, exhausting day.

Now, how can your company ask your salespeople to spend time away from home, close more deals, deal with the stress of demanding customers, be fresh and able to deal with customer complaints, and still retain all the information needed to produce an accurate forecast? Under these aforementioned circumstances, this is next to impossible. Updating customer demand should be the easiest part of their time in the field. It must be automatic, and it must force them to review the information the moment it becomes available.

The reality is that we work in a mobile world. Customers are mobile and therefore, your salespeople must be mobile as well. However, it’s not just a question of memory retention, but ultimately about ensuring that the head office has this information the moment it becomes available. This is ultimately how your sales forecasts will become more accurate; you’ll eliminate costly delays and ensure instant feedback on any changes to your forecasting model. This will give all internal departments an opportunity to adjust accordingly. So, what are some of the features that your company’s enterprise mobility solutions should include?

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