Improving Your Forecasting Model

This includes the difference between forecasted sales and actual sales. Making changes to both criteria via a mobile computer allows your salespeople to instantly impact their absolute error in forecasting. It’s much like a rolling forecast, one where each customer discussion might be followed up by a change in either of these two variables.

Forecast Accuracy %,

Your salespeople must be able to see their forecast accuracy in real time. This is especially the case if you’ve included it as a key performance indicator or metric. That forecast accuracy can be measured by customer account, or territory, and can be broken down by day, week or month. Your salesperson’s accuracy is determined by taking actual sales and dividing it by forecasted sales.

Finished Good Availability

When salespeople need to make a deal, it always involves having access to finished good availability. That information only comes from tracking actual sales and forecasted sales. Their rugged handheld computers can instantly provide them with feedback, allowing them to adjust their own forecasts and sales volumes accordingly.

Material Allocation and Production

Finished good availability is one thing, but customers also need to know what your company’s existing manufacturing capacity is. Your current inventory may be spoken for, but that shouldn’t stop your sales from closing long-term deals. They simply can’t do this without the visibility provided by a rugged handheld computer.

The ultimate purpose is to have an enterprise mobility solution where each salesperson has access to a mobile handheld computer, one that allows them to constantly input valuable, timely and accurate customer data. It’s this data that will help improve your company’s forecasting model by ensuring that your company always has the market’s most pertinent information. It not only improves how your salespeople manage their customers’ business, but it also improves how your own business manages its inventory and most importantly, how it meets all of your customers’ needs.

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