Sales Metrics Tracking in Real Time

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Sales metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) are only successful if your sales force is constantly trying to improve upon their metrics. Since your salespeople spend so much time on the road, your enterprise mobility solutions must be able to track their ability to attain these performance indicators. KPI are meant to define the value of a given sale. They allow your company to measure your sales team’s performance in attaining specific goals, ones you’ve deemed important to increasing market share. For instance, your company may decide that its sales metrics should be focused on incentivizing your salespeople to attain a certain gross profit percentage on each transaction. You may place greater emphasis on sales volumes, units sold over time, territory and customer account growth. Or, you may even decide to measure your sales team’s abilities to reduce inventory and receivable financing. However, how will your management manage salespeople in the field if they don’t have access to real-time data? This is ultimately why your enterprise mobility solutions are so important.

Customer face time is an essential aspect of sales success. However, with so much time away from the office, how can salespeople possibly track their own performance if they didn’t have a handheld computer? Well, it would likely involve constant calls, updates and timely discussions. In this case, it’s about empowering your salespeople to act on their own behalf. It’s about using your enterprise mobility platform and giving your salespeople the tools to succeed.

Salespeople are most effective when they have clearly defined objectives. Keeping it simple is essential. However, it’s far more important that they have the tools they need to track their own performance. It’s ultimately about personal responsibility and those who work in business development know that they can’t spend too much time coddling salespeople. The best and brightest are able to take charge of their territory by charting their own path to success. So, does having a handheld computer really make a difference in tracking sales metrics? It most certainly does and here’s why.

Real-Time Instant Data

Management will have access to real-time data on sales, quotations and closing rates. This will provide them with increased visibility into current business trips and customer discussions. They can then follow up with pertinent questions and provide guidance via the company’s enterprise mobility network.

Up-to-the-Minute Market Data

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